【 Palo Santo 】

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This Palo Santo, which we also use in the Takizme, has been used as a special fragrant wood for folk remedy since the ancient times of the Inca Empire. Because of its rich oil content, when lit on fire, it immediately transforms into a flaming smoke. It is a fair-trade product.

How to enjoy Palo Santo
Burn the tip of the Palo Santo for about 10 seconds, then extinguish the flame.


How to enjoy Palo Santo

-When enjoying the aroma of the smoke, make sure there are no flammable materials around and use the product in a place where there is no danger of fire. Do not leave with the fire lit.

-Do not use the product near the fire alarms.

-Do not use in areas exposed to the wind.

-Make sure the fire is completely extinguished after use.