Crew recruitment

Under the mission of "A moment when you can relax in the daily lives of people all over the world with delicious tea and heartfelt hospitality."2020In the year, we founded the "Takizume" brand. To become a "global Japanese tea brand" from Japan, we can create businesses together with an eye on future global expansion.CrewWe are looking for.

If you are "interested!", Please feel free to contact us.

Example of business content:

  • Formulation and execution of SNS operation strategy
  • PR of products, services and brands
  • Creating content starting from tea
  • Improvement of UX / UI of own EC site
  • Operation of platforms used by foreigners visiting Japan such as TripAdvisor
  • Depending on your interests, abilities, and aptitudes

  • Tasting, careful selection, and procurement of remarkable teas (including healthy teas such as buckwheat tea and black soybean tea) from all over the country
  • Planning of new products other than tea
  • Store management such as providing tea experience
  • Development of new tea confectionery, breakfast, bartime cocktails and light meal menus
  • Negotiable depending on working hours.

    Desired person image:

    • Those who can confidently say "I love you!"
    • Those who can flexibly respond to anything flexibly
    • Those who can act voluntarily without waiting for instructions
    • Those who can make daily efforts to acquire knowledge of tea
    • Those who are excited to get something done
    • Those who can work positively saying "Let's enjoy work"
    • Those who are interested in transmitting Japanese culture overseas, centered on tea
    • Preferential treatment: Qualifications such as Japanese tea instructor
    • Preferential treatment: Those who have a level of English ability that can be promoted to foreigners who are expected to increase in the future
    • Preferential: Experience in online marketing
    • Preferential treatment:UX/UIThose who have experience in improvement-related areas

    Other overview

    Employment form: Part-time job (trial period 3 months) / Permanent employee (trial period 6 months)
    Salary: Negotiable consultation considering experience and ability
    Work location: Mainly remote work, "Takizume" store as needed (1-28-7 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
    Working conditions: Negotiable
    Please contact the person in charge below by email.
    Opcalis Co., Ltd.
    Person in charge: To Takizume