From February 2021, the ′′ Takizume ′′ Tea.


The store is quietly set up in a quiet residential area, and offers a relaxing experience in a space where you can feel the harmony of tradition and innovation.

Modern people are exposed to a variety of information and are pressed to make choices on a daily basis.

Forget to focus on what you like slowly,

In a sense, it may be said that a carefree life continues. 

By sharpening your five senses and concentrating on the tea in front of you, you will notice new sensations and feelings in your heart, and be satisfied in that moment.

We welcome our customers as a place where they can drop by in search of peace in their daily lives.



[Proposing a new culture through tea]


Since ancient times, tea has brought people together, energized them, and enriched their hearts.

The culture of tea, including the tea ceremony, pioneered the aesthetic sense of "wabi-sabi",

It leads to "Zen" that looks at one's inner self,

That spirit has spread across borders to the world.

Tradition does not stubbornly adhere to one form,

By sometimes breaking and taking on new challenges, while maintaining our previous ambitions,

We believe that we can create the next.

Aiming for the harmony of mind and body that can be close to modern society with a lot of stress,

We will propose a new tea experience.