TAKIZME's philosophy

【A tea ceremony to enjoy the moment】

A sip of tea enhances concentration and creates a sense of fulfillment—that’s the magic of a cup of tea.
Being overexposed to information and faced with continuous choices, people in these modern days may have forgotten how to focus on what they really care about and constantly felt distracted.
Committing ourselves to a cup of tea allows us to be mindful of all senses and feelings that we have never been aware of, and to fully enjoy the present moment. We ensure that your experience at TAKIZME will be one of those moments.
【Precious encounters for everyone】

Having multiple choices could be good, if only you have an ability to discern between them.
Without the eyes to capture the essence of things, you will not be able to bring about precious encounters.
Through the study of life, we have conceived of a new way of enjoying tea that accommodates the changing times.
With a great attention to detail, the host will provide our guests with quality time that brings about precious encounters.
【Tea for life】

Due to an unbalanced diet and food of poor nutritional value, people today see supplements and health food products as essential.
Although it is important to supply vital nutrients, overall wellness also requires mental health.
We believe that introducing tea into our life and attaining inner peace by the time and action of making or enjoying it will bring joy to our ordinary days.
【Have a memorable time】

The Japanese unique value of 'mottainai' (waste not) may reflect our respect for things, time, and nature.
Our hospitality focuses on experiencing one thing at a time so that our guests can fully appreciate each encounter.
【Introducing a new culture through tea】

Since ancient times, tea has been considered to connect people, raise their spirits, and enrich their hearts.
The tea culture centered around the tea ceremony has cultivated the unique aesthetics of 'wabi-sabi' and built the foundation of Zen.
The essence of Zen practices puts an emphasis on finding our inner self, which has transcended national boundaries.
We believe that traditions should be passed on by breaking or challenging them, rather than persisting in one form. By doing so, we can inherit the legacy of our forerunners and create new traditions.
With an aim to support people living in today’s stressful society and help them find harmony in mind and body, we will introduce new tea experiences to the world.