【 Kamairi Tamaryokucha -Drum Roasted Green Tea- Tea bag 】

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The freshly harvested tea leaves are carefully heated to give it a fresh and sweet jasmine-like aroma. It is recommended to have it while meditating or for yoga, or when having a short break. We recommend enjoying the tea as is, but it is also nice to pair with a wide range of food, from light sweets such as fruits and jellies.

What is Kamairi Tamaryokucha?

This tea, which resembles Chinese tea in its curved shape, was brought from China in ancient times and has been popular in Japan since then. It is made by roasting freshly harvested tea leaves, and is produced only in Kyushu. The tea leaves are carefully roasted, which gives it a distinctive aromatic flavor that spreads into your nose.  

What makes our Kamairi Tamaryokucha special
Located at an altitude of 350 to 400 meters above sea level, the tea farm in Kuroyama has a temperature difference between day and night and is free from frost damage due to its sloping terrain. The farmer's carefully bred and carefully produced Kamairi Tamaryokucha has a well-balanced flavor and aroma. It is refreshing with little astringency and can be enjoyed by a wide age range of people.

Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture

How to brew the tea
First brew: 60 seconds in 80℃ water (120-150ml)
Second brew: 30 seconds in 90℃ water (120-150ml)

Takizme's Tea
In order to provide a Japanese tea experience that will allow you to take a break in your daily life, we select teas from all over Japan based on their quality, aroma, and special flavor that can only be enjoyed at Takizme. We also sell our tea in cotton tea bags. If you hang them up to dry after use, they can be used as deodorizer or cleaning tools as well.