【 Hojicha -Roasted Green Tea- Tea bag 】

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The blended ingredients are roasted under optimum temperature control to create a cacao-like aroma and a subtle brown sugar flavor. With its low caffeine content, it is ideal for relaxation, tea time after dinner, or a cup before bedtime. It is also an ideal to enjoy it with rich sweets such as chocolate or baked pastry.

What is Hojicha?
Hojicha is often made from the stems. It originated as a new type of tea that became widely popular in Japan because the stems left over from making other teas could be roasted to preserve them for a long time. As indicated by its brown appearance, Hojicha is tea that is roasted over high heat. Roasting at high temperature gives it a unique aroma and a refreshing taste.

What makes our Hojicha special
Our Hojicha is an original blend of two types of variety. The second cropped tea, which has a strong aroma and sweet taste, is used, and the stems and veins are mainly blended to create a refreshing taste.The tea is produced by a farmer who uses IPM farming methods (farming methods that make good use of the mechanisms of nature to reduce the possibility of agricultural ecosystem disturbance and suppress pests).

Shibushi, Kagoshima Prefecture

How to brew the tea
First brew: 45 seconds into 80℃ water (120-150ml)
Second brew: 60 seconds into 90℃ water (120-150ml)

Takizme's Tea
o provide a Japanese tea experience that will allow you to take a break in your daily life, we select teas from all over Japan based on their quality, aroma, and special flavor that can only be enjoyed at Takizme. We also sell our tea in cotton tea bags. If you hang them up to dry after use, they can be used as deodorizer or cleaning tools as well.