【 Mushisei Tamaryokucha -Steamed Tamaryokucha Green Tea- Tea bag 】

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We recommend it when you want to refresh yourself or have it as a wake-up drink. It has the highest caffeine content of all our teas, and its unique astringency and sweetness will energize you on a daily basis. Please immerse yourself in the steam and the sound of running hot water when brewing tea.

What is Mushisei Tamaryokucha?
Tamaryokucha was originally made for export around 1930 to introduce the taste of Japanese tea to the world, and it later became common in Japan as well. The curvy shape of the tea resembles that of Chinese tea, which was widely distributed around the world at the time, and it was made this way to make the Japanese tea more acceptable. This Tamaryokucha is steamed carefully, and has an impressive, powerful, and concentrated flavor. It is now quite rare to find it in Japan due to the labor-intensive method of manufacturing.

What makes our Tamaryokucha special
Our Steamed Tamaryokucha is produced in Higashisonogi, Nagasaki Prefecture, a tea-producing region known for its climate suitable for tea cultivation. The tea produced in a beautiful tea farm with a view of Omura Bay has a strong umami flavor and an astringent but clean and refreshing taste.

Higashisonogi, Nagasaki Prefecture

How to brew the tea
First brew: 90 seconds in 70℃ water (120-150ml)
Second brew: 45 seconds in 90℃ water (120-150ml)

Takizme's Tea
o provide a Japanese tea experience that will allow you to take a break in your daily life, we select teas from all over Japan based on their quality, aroma, and special flavor that can only be enjoyed at Takizme. We also sell our tea in cotton tea bags. If you hang them up to dry after use, they can be used as deodorizer or cleaning tools as well.