【Tenugui -Japanese Any Time Towels-】

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Three types of original Tenugui (hand towels) designed based on Takizme's tea experience. They can be used not only for wiping dishes and hands, but also as a fashion item and in various other scenes of daily life.

3 Types of Design
【BOKUSEKI】Bokuseki is designed based on the stroke order of the kanji of Takizme.

【TAKI】The design expresses the transition of daily life with a waterfall, which is also the motif of TAKIZUME since TAKI means waterfall in Japanese.
【TEN TEN】A Tenugui with a pointillistic drawings design of Takizme's experience. Dots are called dots in Japan.

What is Tenugui?
In Japan, Tenugui (hand towels) have long been made from the scraps of cotton kimono and used as necessities in daily life. Today, Tenugui can be used as a handkerchief, a dust repellent for PCs, an interior decoration, a place mat, a book cover, a plastic bottle wrapper, etc., according to your own lifestyle. You can use the used Tenugui as a rag, etc., and enjoy it until it becomes unusable. Please enjoy the Japanese culture handed down from ancient times with Takizme's original Tenugui.


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